EngagePHD Video Walls using BrightSign Players

If you are looking to build a 2×2 video wall, we recommend BrightSign XT1144 that is connected via a HDMI>DisplayPort Cable into Screen 1 and then use Display Port Loop Through to connect the other 3 screens.
This will give you a native 4K canvas across the 2×2 array. Content can then be designed natively in 4K and have no issues with Layouts.
Please contact your EngagePHD representative or our support team for questions or more information.
In this series, we’ll walk through a couple of examples for creating content for your video wall using the Layout Designer and Playlists.

Connecting the Player to EngagePHD

Sections Covered in this Video

  • Creating Full Screen Playlists for Video Walls (1:00)
  • Creating Layouts for Video Walls (2:08)
  • Scheduling Content to the Video Wall Player (4:20)

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