Adding Events Using the Create New Button

When creating an event in the EngagePHD software, each event attribute is a dynamic field that can be used when building a Layout. To create a new event, click on the ‘Create New’ button. This will then allow you to create a new Event and set the following attributes for the Event:


  • Title: The title works as both the name of the Event and the active Title, if you wish to show the Title as a part of your layout.
  • Description: This is optional if you would like the description to show in the layout.
    Room: This will allow you to select Rooms that you created before the event. Each Player assigned with the Room will show the event information when scheduled.
  • Room Name Display: This will allow you to change the way the Room displays on the live screen.
  • Start Date: This is the start date you will want your event to show on your players.
  • Start Time: This will be the time that you want your event to start showing on the screen. If your event starts at 11:00AM and you want your event to show a half hour in advance, you would make the start time 10:30AM.
  • End Date: This is the day you would like the event to stop showing on the screen.
  • End Time: This will be the time you want the event to stop showing on the screen.
  • Show on Summary: Check this box if you have a screen that will be showing a summary of multiple events.
  • Show Start and End Time: This allows you to show or not show the Start and End Date.
  • Logo: If you would like to display a logo in the layout, you can add the logo to your event. The ‘Choose File’ button will allow to upload a new file from your computer. The ‘Asset Library’ button will allow you to choose a file from your asset library.




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